How to get rid of Email spam

Mailing is the common service that we used to connect with others. Spam or junk mails are one of the main problems that we are face while mailing. Time to time our inbox gets crowded with spam mails.So the question is how to get rid of Email spam.

How to avoid email spam

How to get rid of Email spam

Spam mails are unsolicited bulk mails that came to numerous numbers of recipients at a time. The identity of such senders can’t be found out by recipients. There are large numbers of spam bots existing in internet to create such bulk mails. The main aim of such mails is nothing but promotion sender’s products.

Identification of spam mails

  • Mailing services like Gmail have effective spam filters so that a large parts of spam mails are gets filtered to separate folders. Even though some of such mails appeared in inbox.
  • First of all try to identify the sender’s name. You can easily identify the frequent senders. If any mails come from a stranger zone try to identify it genuine or not. If sender name contain fist name and last name most probably it is a spam. Also check for whether it is robot name.
  • The bulk mails or spam mails contains link to a particular webpage. It can be spotted at the end of mail. Most of all spam mails have file size of 3kb. The linked page most probably highlights some electronics products.
  • Spam mails get appeared in our inbox in a common time interval. It varies in different countries. But if you can identify that then it can be confirm that such mails are spam.Spam or bulk mails

The cause of Spam mails

  • The main cause of spam mails is nothing but exposing of your mail ID publically. The grabbing of mail IDs by unknown persons also cause bulk mail receiving.
  • Also publishing the mails IDs in websites and public forums also dangerous to cause spam mailing. Some spam bots can automatically scan out your IDs from websites.
  • The email harvesting can be done bydifferent computer softwares. Also different scripts are written for it.
  • If you must provide your mail ID in somewhere publically you must use address mugging, i.e. the prevention from automatic collection of Emails. For example if your mail ID is it is reformed as mailme at hty dot com.
  • Replace your email address character with proper HTML codes.
  • Reform your mails ID with equivalent image form.
  • Reform mail ID with CSS3 text logo.
  • Also use client side scripting to protect your mail address.popular mailing service with advanced spam filters

use effective spam blockers

  • Most of all email providers support different kinds of spam blockers. Use effective spam blockers depending on the platform you use.
  • POPfile, spamfense, mailWasherpro and K9 are popular spam blockers for windows.
  • Spamsieve, SpamSweep, Spamfire and spamato are popular spam blockers for Mac.
  • You can also blocks mails from particular domains using security system provided by mailing service.

Use different email addresses for different purposes

  • Never use a single mail ID for all purposes. You should use different IDs for different category.
  • Never use your important ID in unknown site and forums. You must be use an alternative for it.
  • The mailbox setting will allow you to get all mails in one inbox. It also helps to identify that which ID cause spam.

Try to avoid regular use of chat rooms

  • Chat rooms are the common place that is focused by the spammers to collect emails.
  • AOL and Yahoo is the main chat rooms that affects email harvesting.
  • Also avoid using different newsgroups and public forums.