How to get revert from automatic displaying of images in Gmail

Recently Google made it official to displaying images automatically in Gmail accounts. Even though Google provided it with security concerns many of yours internet speed won’t match with it. So here how to get revert from automatic displaying of images in Gmail.

How to get revert from automatic displaying of images in Gmail

Until 12th of December, 2013 Gmail asked your permission for displaying images associated with your account. It is to make sure the security, as there is chance for unauthorized activity by spammers and hackers. The arrival of images from external host server also causes these kind of issues.

Now Gmail started to serve all images through company’s own secured proxy servers. Your messages will firstly gone fore known virus and malware check and safely arrives within your inbox. Gmail notifies you about the automatic display of images. The return option still available in Gmail even after you made automatic displaying of images official.

Method to stop automatic displaying of images in Gmail

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Select setting and hit on general tab.
  • Scroll down to image section.

automatic displaying of images in Gmail


  • Select ‘ask before showing external images’.
  • Click save changes.

How to stop or allow displaying images from a particular sender in Gmail

  • Select the desired message within your Gmail inbox.
  • Click on always display images option in the box just above your message.
  • Click on ‘don’t display from now’ option below senders name to stop getting images from that user.