How to get older search box from graph search in FB

One of the main reason for we get addictive to Facebook is it’s time to time updation of new features. Upon those features most effective one is nothing but the graph search. Most of us sign up for it and use it now. But sometimes we are thinking off to get rid of it. So How to get older search box from graph search in FB.

Graph search - FacebookIn fact graph search is one of the best thing that ever made by Facebook. The social search within the site can be even comparing to web search. We can search out for anything we are already done with FB. The only thing that made us to thinking about getting back for older box is the sudden change to new zone.

How to get older search box from graph search in FB

  • Go to account settings.
  • Click on general on the top left corner.
  • The language within your account seems to be English US as default.
  • Click on edit button next to language option.
  • Change to English (pirate), English (UK) or any other.
  • Tap on save changes.How to get back to older search box in FB

After done these steps your home page will get back with older search box. Your messages, notifications and friends request row also will returns back to left side. It is because currently the graph search is only available for English US. But in short time it will available for a number of languages. That is you can only do this for temporarily.

Graph search overview

  • Try to find out anything that connected with your FB account easily.
  • Only provides the results that you have already seen with Facebook.
  • Depending on the information you provide with FB it offers various results such as restaurants near you, news updation in your locality…Etc.
  • FB graph search combine the phrases you provide and show off all the results regarding it.
  • Mainly focused for areas such as people, photos, places and interests.
  • It avoids long time search by providing auto completion of search phrases.
  • You can sign up for graph search by following the link
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