How to get grid view for promotional tab in Gmail

It became very easy to find out different types of mails after the release of new tab based inbox for Gmail. Today Google makes one more step forward to help you to find out the contents more easier than before. Grid view for promotional tab, to find out the images in faster way.

How to get grid view for promotional tab in Gmail

First of all you will see the promotional tab within the inbox only if you have enable it. You will get different deals, offers and marketing mails to active promotional tab. Each of those messages includes different images that can convey the data in more meaningful way.

In normal way you to go through each promotional email to check images within it. But the new grid view for promotional tab within Gmail help you to make quick pick out of offers and deals.  At current stage Google put this feature in trial mode, but you can make request for getting it as soon as possible.

Grid view for promotional tab in Gmail

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Sign up at Gmail field trail.grid view
  • Once you get selected will get a new grid view option at top corner of inbox.
  • Click on switch to grid to get images within promotional tab at one place.

You can also toggle between grid view and list view at any time. The infinite scrolling within new grid view also help to make a quick look at entire deals and offers. Google will officially release this feature after checking the response from users.