How to get backup of entire Facebook data

No one can easily estimate how many updates, photos and videos have posted on his/her Facebook account. Also the events, chats, contacts, infos, and comments in FB also becomes very important for you. So the backing up of Facebook data becomes a must one like other datas.

How to get backup of entire Facebook data

Why you need to backup your Facebook data

Actually datas within a Facebook account can reveal what all things happened in a person’s life over a period of time. It includes favorite contacts, chat history, important events, liked brands, updates..Etc, all these so much meant for a person.

Every single datas of Facebook accounts stored within ginat servers off the company. But in case of hacking or deletion of account you will lost all important datas within the account. But Facebook provide a tool for making backup of your data, includes all important sections of your FB account.

Contents that can backup from Facebook

  • Entire profile information.
  • All photos and videos uploaded within the account.
  • Friend’s list and wall posts made by them.
  • Conversations you have made.
  • Comments within photos, updated and videos.

Make backup of Facebook data

  • Login with your Facebook account.
  • Click on the drop down menu at top right corner.settings
  • Click on settings, select general tab.
  • Check for ‘download a copy of Facebook data’ at bottom level.backup1
  • Click on download button.

You will see a pop up message that the service will gathering the whole informations into a ZIP file. It may take time depending on the datas within your account. Once it complete they will send the file to your mail that your provided within the account.

Top image credit : Flickr