How to find out exact mails in Gmail you are looking for

Gmail is the most dominated mailing service existing in internet. Today Gmail have 425 million active users worldwide.  The main featured thing within Gmail is it allows performing the actions in simpler ways. Here how to find out exact mails in Gmail you are looking for.

how to find out exact mails in GmailEven an average Gmail user gets multi dozens of mails in a single day. So it is not at all an easy job to find out a specified mail from the crowded zone. The advanced search box within the Gmail helps you to find out mail through the search phrases. The real power of Gmail is nothing but it allows customized search to get the exact mail quickly.

How to find out exact mails in Gmail

To make a custom search within Gmail click on the arrow button within the search box. Then a drop down menu will appear on the screen that shows several options to make a custom search. It includes options like:

  • From.
  • To.
  • Subject.
  • Including words.
  • Attachment notification.
  • Date specification.Cutomized search in Gmail

Once you filled these options correctly you can gets the exact mail in straightly with one hit. The drop down menu also includes filters options. With Gmail filters you can label, archive, delete, star or forward any mails. You just need to click on the ‘create filter with this search’ from the drop down menu from the arrow key within the search bar. The advanced search tought you to how to find out exact mails in Gmail.

The advanced search operators within Gmail 

advances operators for Gmail search