How to exactly measure the heart rate using Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Smartphone provide much concern for your health through heart rate sensor and upgraded S health application. It provides you real time health status for you. Here the steps to be follow to measure heart rate using Galaxy S5.

How to exactly measure the heart rate using Galaxy S5

The heart rate sensor within Galaxy S5 built next to phone’s camera LED. It is integrated with S health application within the phone. Upon measuring of heart rate you have to keep silence, also don’t move at that time. It is because whenever you move or talk it will make variations within your heart rate.

  • Launch S health application from the phone.
  • Turn over the phone to back and put your index finger on the sensor next to camera LED.heart rate
  • Tap on start button for measuring heart rate.
  • Phone will display your heart rate in few seconds in the unit of beat per minute.

The heart rate sensor in Galaxy S5 actually measure the blood flow beneath your skin. So you have to place your finger right on the sensor and hold it properly. The normal heart rate of a healthy person is range between 70 to 100 beat per minutes.

You can also monitor the heart rate with with wearable devices such as Galaxy gear watches and Galaxy fit  once you synchronize them with Galaxy S5. Samsung will launch Galaxy S5 on popular carrier across 150 countries on 11th April.

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