How To Ensure The Security Of Your Google Account

Every Google users demand to cover critical security sections like two step verification, connected applications with the account, login details, and status of recovery email address to ensure the security of account. Now Google made it easier to ensure the security of your account by the addition of new security check up panel.

First of all the new panel within the security section of your Google account won’t offer new protection methods. But it let you to go through the critical security sections of your account and to update details within one section.  It also ensure you covers every important security settings of your Google account.

How To Perform Security Checkup in Google Account

  • Go to security setting page of your Google security
  • Go to ‘Secure your account’ panel in the bottom left of the page.
  • Then click on get started button.

google account security

You will go through number of important security sections including two-step verification, recent activity, account permission, application password and recovery information. You can edit the details on these security sections in case of identification of any kind of suspicious activity on your account.