How to ensure security for your Facebook account?

Facebook is the only website which contains the vast database of more than 1 billion personal information. So ensuring security to your account in Facebook is very much necessary for you as well as Facebook authority to ensure the trustworthiness of the site. Facebook incorporates a lot of security features to make your account secure and safe. Here how to ensure security for your Facebook account?

How to ensure security for your Facebook account?Here is some informative tricks and security measures to make your Facebook account secure from hacking and all sorts of unauthorized access. As the number of Facebook users are increasing day by day more and more security issues are arising every day. So while using your FB account make sure that you are following the tips given below.

How to ensure security for your Facebook account?

Use Strong password

As we know pass is the authentication provider to ensure the integrity of users we must use it carefully. Always use the password which is having high strength. Try to include password which consist of letters, numbers and symbols. Always try to get signed out after the log in especially if you are using mobile devices to check out FB. Don’t give your email address, password and other login information’s anywhere else.


Make use of Active Session

If you have any doubt or inconvenience with the FB account integrity. Just go through the option Active session available under security option in the FB profile. Here you can find the list of devices and location from which your Facebook account was accessed recently.

If you find that your account was accessed from the location not know to you make sure that your account is not open in the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets that you use  and click on end activity as it seems the chance of other person accessing your personal FB account. It is better you change the password after ending session so that you can ensure better security.

active session in Facebook

Login Notification alert messages and Login Approval for extra security

This is an option to give you notifications when you get in to your FB account other than from the device that you already use. Here there is a provision to accept the notification via mail or text message to your mobile number as per the user requirements whenever a new device is used to sign in your account.

Login Approval is used for providing enhanced security and easy to access mechanism. This feature is somewhat similar to Login Notification. Here a security code will be asked while you are logged in which a new device and you can set it as recognized device and must not give the security code after doing it for the next login.

Login notifications

Use secure (https) browsing

If this feature in your Facebook account is enabled all your details stored in the FB will be changed in to encrypted format. Encryption technique include here will make your details protected from being viewed by other persons and if also viewed will be difficult for them to understand it.

secure browsing

Make sure that you are logging on

Don’t be a victim of phishing and pharming attacks. While signing on to FB make sure that you are browsing the correct URL. Be alert that there are many fraud sites which redirects your path and make use of your personal account.

FacebookSet a security question

A security question can be set to make verification of actual owner of the account. The question should be set such that no one else should easily guess and get the answer for that. So it’s better to add a question which point to your top secret information which not known by anyone else.

security question

Don’t do activity that provoke others to destroy your account

We know that Facebook is just like a social community. We must take care of others personal emotions up to a certain extend while living in society. So be careful that you are not doing anything that harm others or provoke others.

These are some tips that helps you to have secure browsing in your Facebook account.