How to create and use friends list on Facebook

Based on the informations provided by you and your friends Facebook smartly create different lists for you, like location based list, education timeline…Etc. You can also create customized list to control visibility of informations you have shared and to check updations only from a group of friends.

Create new friends list on Facebook

  • Login with your Facebook account.
  • Locate friends in the bottom left on your news feed.Friends
  • Click on ‘More’ link, then ‘create new list’.friends list
  • Type a name for your new friends list.list
  • Add friends to new list and hit on create button.

Through new friends list you can see updates only from the members of that particular list. You can add new members, delete a particular members or can delete the list at any time you want.

Customizing a friends list on Facebook

  • Goto navigation pane in the left hand side of your Facebook news feed.
  • Click on more next to friends section.
  • Select the desired friends list.custom
  • Click on manage the list.
  • Choose edit, rename or delete to make appropriate changes.

Share updates only with people within a particular list

  • Type the update within the sharing menu at top of new feed.
  • Click on drop down menu within left hand side of post button.update
  • Select the desired friends list and post the update.