How to control advertisements in Facebook

Advertisements are one of the most irritating things you can seen within Facebook. Number of ads will appears within account depending on various parameters. At same time Facebook also gives an option to control the ads, won’t see ads that exposing your interests.

First of all Facebook uses your personal informations and action within the account for advertisement by default. Fan pages and application expose your interests and actions through personalized Facebook ads so that they get more followings, especially from your friends.

Control advertisements in Facebook

  • Sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Click on the drop down menu from top right corner of the page.facebook settings
  • Select setting menu.
  • Click on Ads from general tab.third party 1
  • Goto third party sites group and click edit, select no one from drop down menu and save friends
  • Click edit within Ads and friends section, select no one from drop down menu and save changes.

These changes within ad section of  prevent advertisers from using your public information and interest for ads. In that way your actions within Facebook won’t get exposed to the public.

Top image credit : Flickr