How to connect Google Glass with internet

You can only enjoy the best of Google glass experience when it is connected with internet. You can share data connection from your Android and iOS devices with Google Glass.

Connection with public Wi-Fi network

  • Swipe back on Google Glass until the settings will appears on screen.
  • Tap on settings then select Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select join network from available networks.
  • Will see available networks and tap on the network you like to join.

You can make direct connect with public Wi-Fi network only. For protected network you have to provide the exact password. At same time Google Glass won’t support with protected network that uses two step authentication.

When Google glass is out of Wi-Fi range you can share your phone’s data connection. To doing this you need to pair the glass device with Smartphone using bluetooth., sharing of data connection via pairing with devices. You will also need MyGlass app to get great services through Google Glass like screen casing, call and SMS management…Etc.


Pairing Google Glass with bluetooth

At first you need to make Google Glass discoverable to bluetooth devices.

  • Swipe back on Google Glass until you find the settings.
  • Select bluetooth settings from the cards.
  • Devices will say ‘Now discoverable’ when you enable it.

Pairing with Android Device

  • Open the glass application on Android device then select devices.
  • Tap on the name of Google Glass from the list.
  • Look at screen of phone using Google Glass and click on ‘Pair the phone and Glass’ button.
  • Select the glass from the list of bluetooth devices.
  • Will see a passkey, look at the glass and tap on the glass to confirm the key.
  • Finally tap on pair button on Android device.

Then you need to create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot on the Android device to share the data. It highly depends on the data connection you are using, pairing your device.

  • Open settings from Android device.
  • Goto wireless and network section.
  • Select tethering and portable hotspot.
  • Turn on portable hotspot.

Then Google Glass will share the data connection from the desired Android device.

Pairing with iOS device

Pairing will brings more services to Google Glass through iPhone except SMS. Pairing will also needed to share data connection.

Make Google Glass discoverable by making proper changes from settings cards of the device.

  • Turn on bluetooth on your iOS device.
  • Choose settings from the homescreen and then select Bluetooth.
  • Choose Google Glass from the list.
  • Look at the screen and confirm PIN code and enable pairing.

Then you want to create a personal hotspot from iOS device to share data with Google Glass.

  • Goto settings from the iOS device.hotspot iOS
  • Select personal hotspot from cellular section.Hotspot connection
  • Turn on personal hotspot.