How to Boot up Windows 8.1 PC to desktop mode

One of the options that you missed with Windows 8 is way to boot up for desktop mode. Alright with the release of new Windows 8.1 Microsoft brings boot to desktop tool. Feel it difficult to find the tool, here how to boot up Windows 8.1 PC to desktop mode.

how to boot up Windows 8.1 PC to desktop modeThe exact reason behind your search for this tool is because  of 99% of Windows programs runs on desktop mode. At the same time start screen is useful for accessing charm bar, to pin out favorite applications at one place and for using dedicated Bing applications. Still you need to switch your Windows 8.1 PC to boot up for desktop mode for better experience.

How to boot up Windows 8.1 PC to desktop mode

  • Sign in with your Windows 8.1 PC, click on the desktop tile to enter desktop mode.
  • Right click on the screen and select personalize.
  • Select task bar and navigation from bottom left of the screen.desktop mode switching
  • Click on navigations.
  • From the star screen section mark ‘when I sign in or close all applications on screen, goto desktop instead of start’.
  • Apply and click OK, system will reboot to desktop mode instead pf Start screen.

Once you switch for desktop booting you can’t access applications that installed on start screen, because normal installation of apps from Windows 8.1 done on start screen. If you again want to reboot your PC to start screen, just repeat the steps above and uncheck the boot to desktop box.