How To Auto-Delete Messages In iOS 8

The stock message application in iOS 8 obtain number of new features. The predictive texting and self destructing messages will surely increase the rate of user engagement. Apple also provide auto-deletion option in iOS 8 for removing annoying conversation.

Active auto-deletion for stock message application in iOS 8

  • Goto settings for your iOS 8 device.
  • Then tap on messages.message history
  • Select message history.expiration warning
  • Choose .30 days’ or ‘1 year as expiration date for messages in iOS deletion imessages

You will get a warn message on activation of auto-deletion of message that the setting will permanently delete all your messages on expiration date. You can change this option at anytime you want before expiration. The auto-deletion option will also help you to save some memory for your iOS 8 device.