How to apply parental control in Windows 8.1

Keeping your kids safe on internet connected computers is same as important as security of your system. Microsoft do the security matters for the kids within Windows 8.1 OS. Here how to apply parental control in Windows 8.1.

How to apply parental control in Windows 8.1As you became the administrator of your Windows 8.1 PC you can apply restriction and controls to child accounts. It makes a strict monitoring and detailed reporting of user activity on child account. Bypassing of parental control within Windows 8.1 not become so easy other than reintalling the OS.

How to apply parental control in Windows 8.1

Family safety is the security feature within Windows 8.1, provides control over the kids while the using PC. Family safety provides web filtering, time limits, application and game restrictions and control over website accessing.You can apply family safety in Windows to existing child account or to a new account.

Create a child account in Windows 8.1

  • Sign in to your PC with the administration account.
  • Goto start menu, click on drop down menu and select PC settings.
  • Select accounts, then other account finally add account.child account
  • Hit with create child account, If your child have a Microsoft account enter it or create a new one, else you can skip the step by without providing it.
  • Family safety will turn on for this account upon the creation.

How to configure family safety for child account

  • Goto start screen search for family safety and hit on it.
  • From the open screen select child account.
  • Then you can see different Windows settings.configuring family safety

Web filtering

Web filtering in Windows 8.1 keep away the adult content from different search engines. You can also make restrictions to specific sites using this tool. Web filtering provides a safe search method for your kid.

Time limits

Time limits tool within family safety allows you to make limit for the amount of PC usage time by your kids. By default it set for weekdays or weekends.

Windows store and game restrictions

Using this tool you can apply restrictions for using specific applications and games for your kids. In such a way you can make sure that your kids using only the games and applications of their level.

Desktop application restriction

From this section you can apply restriction to kids for using applications and programs from your PC.

How to get PC activity report of your kid

You can check the PC activity of your kid from the family safety center itself, from there check for activity report. Else you can find it from family safety website or via email. You can also block receiving PC activity by email within family safety website.

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