How to access split screen mode of applications in Windows 8.1

One of the key features of Windows 8.1 is nothing but smoother multitasking itself. You already liked dual application access in Windows 8, Here how to access split screen mode of applications in Windows 8.1.

How to access split screen mode of applications in Windows 8.1The split screen view of applications that you have seen with Windows 8 have options 50:50 and 70:30. That is you can access the application in equal division of screen and one in majority. Within Windows 8.1 you can see different scaling of applications and different splitting ratios.

The split mode of applications or snap view of applications in Windows 8.1 have 50:50, 70:30, 60:40 and several other options. This will help you to put the applications priority vice within the screen. A full HD mode display can hold more than two applications in Windows 8.1. Another focusing feature of snap view within Windows 8.1 is scaling of applications view. Windows 8.1 allows you to scale the applications wherever you wants.

How to access split screen mode of applications in Windows 8.1

Within Windows 8.1 you can access the previous application that you have worked on by moving the cursor to top left corner of the screen. The snap view helps you to access these applications together at one screen.

  • Open one of applications in full screen in modern UI.
  • Put the cursor at the top left corner of the screen, can find previous application you have opened.
  • Click and hold the application you wanted to add.
  • Second application will dock at the left side of the screen in 50:50 partition.

Snap view in Windows 8.1

As you finish you can see a dark separator icon between two applications, will help you to scale the applications. But if you are using a 1366*768px display you can only access two applications at a time within Windows 8.1. A full HD display will support more than two application accessing at a time.

  • One you added two application to the screen the separator icon will do scaling of applications.
  • Select third application that you want to add to the screen from top left corner.
  • You can place this application left right or in between two applications you have already added.Multitasking in Windows 8.1

How to access multi view mode in Internet Explorer 11

The inbuilt Internet Explorer 11 within Windows 8.1 support multi view mode so that you can check each links within the webpage without having switching for another window.

Internet Explorer 11

  • Open Internet Explorer 11 in full screen mode.
  • Right click on any link within the webpage., select open in new window.
  • The desired link will open in multi view mode of Internet Explorer 11.

Top image credit : Flickr