How to access slow-mo feature in YouTube

As world’s largest video sharing website it is YouTube’s responsibility to provide better tool for the creators to makes the videos better. In fact they made it at its best in right time. Now YouTube introduced slow-mo feature to its editing tools, so how to access slow-mo feature in YouTube?

New slow- mo feature in YouTubeThe images and videos can easily convey the messages than anything else. Those contents have more power to catch your attention. Sometimes we feel that the slow- mo videos gave accurate information than a normal one. It is just because it makes the video more clears by slowing down the driving speed. Now you can makes your YouTube videos clearer through slow-mo feature within YouTube editing tools.

How to access slow-mo feature in YouTube

  • Sign in with your YouTube account.
  • Click the arrow next to the upload button.
  • Select the video manager option from it.
  • Select the desired video that you want to make changes.
  • Click on edit button.
  • Click enhancement option.
  • Click additional features and select slow motion.
  • Save the changes after applying the feature.

The slow-mo features make the videos into much informative mode. That is when the videos play through slower mode it can show off the things much clearer than normal mode. The new YouTube features can turns the videos to crawling at 12.5, 25 or 50 percentage than that of original playing speed. This feature is actually only available in US now and gets it to other countries very shortly.

Before editing

After editing