How to access safe mode in Windows 8.1

Boot to safe mode is the common trouble shooting method you are done with Windows. Unfortunately hitting F8 button can’t bring safe mode in Windows 8.1. Here how to access safe mode in Windows 8.1.How to access safe mode in Windows 8.1

Sometimes a recently installed program or driver prevent you from starting Windows correctly. Safe mode in Windows starts with basic drivers, won’t bring any of start up programs. Safe mode will allows you to eliminate the driver of program that causes the start up problem, after that rebooting will solve the issue. If the start up problem still exits then it might be because of corrupted registry, have to reinstall the Windows.

How to access safe mode in Windows 8.1

The normal booting of Windows to safe mode through F8 button can’t be find with Windows 8.1. You can bring back safe mode in Windows 8.1 operating system through two methods, through recovery option and by run box.

  • Open charm bar and type run.
  • Access run box, type ‘msconfig’ and hit enter.boot tab from run box
  • Select boot tab from the open window.
  • Check safe boot box from there.check boot menu
  • Click apply and OK.

You can see different safe booting options like minimal, alternative shell and network there, stands for normal safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and safe mode with networking respectively. Upon next restart your PC will boot into safe mode, you can also uncheck safe boot box to stop booting Windows 8.1 to safe mode.

Safe mode accessing in Windows 8.1 through recovery option

  • Goto charm bar and click power option.
  • Hit on restart while holding down left shift key.
  • From the open windows select troubleshooting.
  • Select advance options, then start up settings.
  • Select safe mode from boot menu option.

Top image credit : Flickr