How the S pen becomes an effective tool in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

On 2nd November 2012 Samsung electronics reported that the company had sold over more than 3 million units of Galaxy Note II in just 5 weeks. Upon its larger specifications the most effective one is the S pen. Here how the S pen becomes an effective tool in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ?

How the S pen becomes an effective tool in Samsung Galaxy Note 2The large screen of Galaxy Note II featured with a special layer that helps to supports the S pen very well. The most attractive and useful feature of S pen is Air view gesture. This feature allows the screen to detect the S pen without having physical touch. When you hover the S pen over the screen a small dot just same as that of cursor will appears on the screen. It is an indication that the phablet detects the S pen.

The Air view feature in Galaxy Note II also very helpful to gets the preview of applications and gallery. That is when we hover the S pen over an image album it will show up the contents inside in it by a preview. Same as applications will show a preview of what task they do. You can scroll out the whole list in the large with just points on the arrow in the screen with S pen.

Even though Galaxy Note II screen support for both fingers and s pen the tool which becomes more effective in tap anything is surely the S pen. The digitizer touch tool is highly sensible to the phablet screen and much thinner than that of finger. S pen helps to tap off applications images or anything easily and effectively. Fingers are not much sensible to screen as S pen.

You can also make out some actions in Galaxy Note II with S pen gesture commands. In the settings you have to save the desired command. So that when you swiping out the S pen by holding the pen button from bottom off the screen will show up the action according to your saved command. This action is very much helpful to access an application or to perform some task. At the same time it will save our valuable time.

You can also make out hand written notes on your Galaxy Note II with S pen. Surely this feature is more appreciative as it allows read the notes which are written by our own hand writing. Also with S pen you can makes out incredible drawings. Galaxy Note II offers different drawing tools such as different virtual pens and pencils. You can select the right tool by tapping with S pen button.

The S pen also allows tapping a color from any of images or from somewhere else from the tab for sketching purposes. The screen shots from Galaxy Note II can easily take out by holding down the S pen to bottom of screen with long tap.