How Samsung Galaxy SIV becomes your life companion

Samsung Galaxy SIV is the flagship phone which had a sale of 10 million in about one month. The title “Life Companion” is perfect for this phone. There are different variants for this smartphone which suits the life style for people of all forms.

how Samsung Galaxy SIV becomes your life companionIt’s one of the most popular smartphone in the US market. The popularity of phone is such that now it has overtook the iPhone sales in US. Have you ever thought for a while about the reason for popularity of Galaxy SIV? Yes, the availability of different versions of Galaxy SIV which make it possible to be used by all kinds of people is the reason.

We can get Galaxy SIV smartphone in five different look. All five smartphone variants of Galaxy SIV series includes all the basic features of the flagship phone with some additional features included in each to attract the user’s specific type. Now we can take a look on how Galaxy SIV devices is apt for users.

How Samsung Galaxy SIV becomes your life companion

Samsun Galaxy SIV Original

Samsung Galaxy SIV original gives its users the complete smartphone experience. This device is perfect for a business man or an executive to simplify their hectic job schedule. For a common man interested in getting connected with people through their smartphones also can have the original Galaxy SIV with him because it screen size is perfect for having a video chat or browsing in internet.

Samsung Galaxy SIV Google edition

This device in the Galaxy series gives the users chance to get all the advantage of Google android OS. As the smartphone is customized for Google we can get all the updations in Android whenever it takes place. So Google edition of SIV will be apt for android lovers.

Samsung Galaxy SIV Mini

Mini version of Galaxy SIV is for those who want to take their devices to all places that they go. This is a very handy device with reduced screen size than the original Galaxy SIV including all the other features in it. So for a student or an ordinary man who likes traveling can take it along with you in pockets.

Samsung Galaxy SIV Active

Active version of Galaxy SIV makes it possible to be used in all environmental conditions. The phone is capable to make your outdoor experience cool and is ready to get in with you anywhere. This device can be used underwater up to a level of 1 meter to 30 minutes as it has got IP67 rating. So this device is good for an underwater diver or a person who likes adventure. The camera specifications also is very good and can take high clarity pictures with this device even underwater.

Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom

Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom is the latest phone of this series which will be launched in the event on June 20th. The main specialty of the device is its 16 megapixel camera. This device will be apt for the people who love photography. With this phone users can get the features of smartphone as well as a good camera.

So each of the device in this Samsung series have its own unique features that is used and liked by people with different lifestyle. It’s the reason of success of Samsung Galaxy SIV and its acceptance all over the world.