How Microsoft’s Cortana can be a rival to Siri

In Windows conference 2014 Microsoft officially unveiled it’s digital assistant service Cortana. Just like other voice powered digital assistant Cortana can control many functions on the phone in hand free mode. At same time it can be a best competitor to much popular Siri.

First of all cortana comes along with new Windows phone 8.1 updation. It will launch at first in US, UK and China in the second quarter of 2014, other countries have to wait until 2015. The name cortana adopted from video game halo.

Unlike Siri Cortana is powered by Bing, help to understand the you well as a web user. Other services you access from Microsoft through your Windows Phone also help Cortana can monitor what you are care about. In this place Siri misses support of home search engine, mail system and other services offered by Microsoft.

At first cortana try to study about you, how you pronounce your name, your interest, place…Etc. There is a dedicated notebook where cortana stores informations about you. You can check this notebook and can edit the informations. This data includes people you care about, technical interests, places you like…etc.

cortana screenshot

You can also add different time intervals you want to keep away all calls and notifications, Cortana will block them right at the quiet hours you set. It will also asked for permission to access your contacts, emails and search history, gives useful suggestions according to the collected informations.

When you are at meeting or conference you can’t speak out loud to Cortana. Keeping this in mind Microsoft provide phrase support for cortana, can ask things by typings. You can’t access Siri through the phrases rather than edit the phrases after you making the commands.

The people reminder on cortana is a much promising feature. For example you can command to cortana for remind you to share a particular thing on next time you call a specific person. Cortana is the only digital assistant in which you can set the people reminders.

Cortana also can provide much control over functions within third party applications than that of Siri. You can check for new episodes within Hulu, look over friend’s Facebook feed and many other things. The linking to third party applications and control over function within it from cortana is much more than that of other digital assistants.

Controls that can make with Cortana but not with Siri

  • Searching through queries, won’t have to speak out loud during meetings.
  • People reminder for sharing important informations with specific people at right time.
  • More control over functions within third party applications.
  • Can recognize the music.
  • Quiet hours for blocking all calls and notifications at a particular interval of time.