How Google loon project change your life

To explore the word information you only need one thing called internet. But many of us fed up with the slower internet connections  mainly in remote or rural place. Google put forward a solution for it through new net project called Google loon. So how Google loon project change your life.

How Google loon project change your lifeAccording to Google two out of three people in the world can’t access internet with affordable speed. The mountains, rivers unavailability of essential elements causes this problem. Also the high cost demanded by high speed internet providers also became a problem. It is thought that the introduction of Google loon will thrash out all these barriers. Net access to remote areas is the answer to how Google loon project change your life.

First of all let’s check out how Google is going to provide net access in underserved areas. For providing an efficient internet service Google uses rings of balloons for providing network. These loon balloons will fly around in the stratospheric layer of earth. It has altitude of twice as higher than that of airplanes. The signals are announced over these balloons. The geographical area covered by these balloons get the net access.

The house hold units or any other building who wish to access this network should fix a special antenna to catch the signals. As winds within the stratosphere can be controlled easily the developers can controlled the path of Google loon balloons and in such a way the can provide a large network. Google confirmed that the service can provide a network speed more than that of today’s normal 3G speed.loon network

Google will make a try on loop balloons at Canterbury area of New Zealand at the end of this month. We can hope that the service will expand to other areas in coming years. The aim of this project is to provide a platform of for everyone to access world information. The people who are within remote areas get with informative world that turns their life to better level. The online learning, online marketing, online consulting really brings them to the world of technology.