How Google Glass app finds people for you

Google officially rolled out a new video guide for project glass. Here how Google glass app finds people for you.

how Google Glass app finds people for youThe new people finding application for Google glass is developed by North Californian students, named as InSight. This application is not at all works by capturing faces of people by their clothes and jewelries they wore

How Google Glass app finds people for you

InSight takes a fingure print of your friend whom you want to find out if lost in a crowded mall or airport based on the clothes, accessories, glasses and other products that they use. The new application which is under development uses snaps clicked to identify the person.

A Spatiogram will be generated from the clicked snap of the user which is used in the identification of the person by analyzing the patterns and spatial distribution of colors. When a match is found with the image and the person Google Glass will recognize the person and display the place where you can find the person on device.

This new system was displayed in the conference of Hotmobile Technology last week and found 93 percentage successful.  So we can expect this application in the Google project glasses with advancements. Though this application seems to be different from others developed till now the main disadvantage of this is that new spatiograms should be generated whenever the person changes his or her dress or other accessories.

Google glasses is the best product which is expected to be released this year by Google. There are many controversies about the privacy and some other concerns of the product. As we see in the video of Google glasses if we are able to take an image with just one simple world just imagine the situation that anyone can take your images without your knowledge if they have this glass.

It is only just a drawback we can find out many unbelievable useful applications for this Google project glass. As we know ‘work without evil’ is the Google policies so it’s sure that Google will provide all safety and security for the new device.