How Google gets money from Android?

Google android the mobile operating system that with highest market shares. Android is am open source OS and used by manufactures Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola…Etc. Then how Google gets money from android, here is the explanation.

how google gets money from android?Is Google an email company, web host, search engine company or an application provider? Yes, Google is all these but when we speak about Android we can mention Google as an advertising company. Google earns money by selling advertisements that appears on the internet. Android is a platform by Google to make it easier.

Android will also provide application development platforms so that money flow to Google by licensing the applications in Android is also beyond what you can imagine. Though Google provides free application development environment in Android it also benefits a lot to Google. Add developers have to pay some amount to list it. Now just imagine the fore thinking and business skill behind giving Android free by Google.

Though there are many income sources for Google by Android among them the main and most benefit they get from is by selling the advertisements. Google continuously analyses the searching criteria of the users and place the advertisements of user interest in the web pages they view and the applications they use so that they can make use of it.

Google have many tools like Google analytics, integrated search bars and page ranging algorithms for analyzing the user’s potential to provide right data to right person. Google place the ads by analyzing your searching habits by its tools so that you will click on it and money flows to Google. Google think beyond what you imagine and they go one step before what you perform.

Android’s the wide acceptance by people made Android the main source of income for Google. Now all the leading mobile brands like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and Sony chosen Android as the platform for all their smartphones.  It’s sure that users of these phones normally uses the Google applications like Gmail, Chrome, Google plus, Google earth, Google translate which is available in all the Android activated devices.

So think what is happening when an Android phone got sold in market. As per the reports and surveys more than 400 million Android devices have been activated till now. It’s estimated that among 3 out of 4 smartphones released is using Android in it and in every day more than a million devices are activated. It’s indirectly the Google which makes profit at every second whenever an Android activated device get sold in the market. So it’s the popularity of the devices which is activated in the Android platform make Google richer with Android.

Google Apps for AndroidAndroid is not only a profit maker for Google it also provide a variety benefits for its users. The key features that a user can enjoy by using the Android activated smartphones are its easy application integration, smoother and secure environment with easy customization. Android users are satisfied with what they get from providers. Google applications integrated in the Android phones makes the user enjoy everything in the worlds easily reachable and accessible.