How Galaxy Gear differs from other Smartwatches

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch itself is the most expected device from today’s technical event from Samsung. They introduced Galaxy gear with targeting scope of wearable computing devices and to make mobile experience more advanced. Now we can check how Galaxy gear differs from other Smartwatches.

How Galaxy Gear differsThe Smartwatch 2 from Sony is the first Smartwatch of this year, so it is better to check how Galaxy gear differs from Smartwatch 2. In definition Galaxy gear is a supportive electronic device for Galaxy series.

Galaxy gear form a connect network with the devices like newly released Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy SIV, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note III via bluetooth, can be perform functions through this network. Bluetooth low energy within android 4.3 Jelly Bean becomes the core of this network, Samsung will provide new software updates for all Galaxy devices later this month.

Samsung Galaxy Gear has 1.6 super AMOLED display with resolutions 320*320px. Samsung’s first ever Smartwatch comes up with metal body with six different models, powered by 800MHz processor. The Galaxy watch also provides 4GB inbuilt memory for the users.

Galaxy gear is a application rich device from Samsung, supports more than 70 applications. You can active S voice within Galaxy gear by pairing it with Galaxy devices, can also find out the devices each other through specific application.Samsung Smartwatch

How Galaxy Gear differs from Smartwatch 2

Of course Samsung Galaxy Gear is an android applications rich device. Galaxy gear also features 1.9 megapixel camera, speaker and two mics within it’s body. Users can shoot 720p HD videos using Galaxy watch. Sony Smartwatch 2 didn’t features a camera within it.

Even Galaxy gear features through Bluetooth Low Energy the 315mAh battery only provides small batterylife, where Smartwatch 2 can provide batterylife for 3 days. Smartwatch 2 connected with the device through NFC. Also it is to be noted that Smartwatch 2 has water resistant display can perform a submersion upto 3 feet for 30 minutes. Within the market Smartwatch 2 available for $262 and Galaxy Gear will available later in September for $299.