How future Samsung screens will dominate the world

The Korean electronics giant Samsung already proved their unmatchable innovative power in all kinds of products. Samsung officially uploaded a video on future screen concepts called ‘display centric world’. It reveals how¬†future Samsung screens will dominate the world.

How future Samsung screens will dominate the world

The flexible displays in CES 2013, curved 4K display in CES 2014 and upcoming 2K display Galaxy S5 are right proofs for revealing Samsung’s innovative power in screen development. The display centric world video shows interactive displays from company in near future for various fields.

How future Samsung screens will dominate the world

At first Samsung shows up interactive displays that focus on health matters. It is an interactive coffee cup that featured with fingerprint scanner. Once scanning get completed it will shows your heath status. This futuristic coffee cup display also includes in depth diagram of human anatomy.

Next you can see from the video that foldable ultra thin, translucent alarm clock. It sounds very real because Samsung already introduced curved and foldable display to the electronics world.

The interactive cutting board display that shown in kitchen makes pretty cool visualization, it can be used for cutting the vegetables and once put in stand mode it will displays all nutrient properties of all vegetables those git chopped down upon it. This display also manage to provide all calorific values of dishes that are going to makes using those vegetables.

The automotive window display within next section shows how easily can manage various things by few touches by sitting inside a car. It is possible to know weather condition and current time, also can manage the temperature inside the vehicle.

edu display

Next video shows wall displays inside future school, students used it to play games and getting informations around the world. This section also hows off interactive boards used by teachers to make students well aware about the subjects.

The display centric videos finally shows a three foldable display which appears as a wallet, reveals possibility of foldable display in future. You can also see that wearable display used by lady to interact with the friend by connecting it with wall display, makes feeling of real life communication as seen in large screens in walls. She also used it for purchasing items via online in next screens.

Through this video Samsung try to understand the customers that how simple if life in near future with right innovations. You can expects interactive displays from Samsung’s in upcoming technical events, one by one.