How fingerprint scanning in Galaxy S5 differs from Apple’s Touch ID

It is officially confirmed that upcoming Galaxy S5 will features a fingerprint sensor, reported by Sammobile. As everyone seen this feature within iPhone 5S it is eager to know that how fingerprint scanning in Galaxy S5 differs. Here everything about working of fingerprint scanning in Galaxy S5 and difference from Touch ID system of iPhone 5S.How fingerprint scanning in Galaxy S5 differs from Apple's Touch ID

First of all the fingerprint scanning sensor in both iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 are embedded within home button of the phone. In this case you can see iPhone 5S have a well round shaped convex home button where the fingerprint sensor embed just behind it. You will also demands for to hold down your finger on home button until the phone get right cross section. Normally this procedure manage to make fingerprint scanning in right way with accuracy.

For Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor is embedded within same physical home button. But within Galaxy S5 you will see a swipe sensor for fingerprint scanning, May be the home button that followed by Samsung for their flagship Smartphones forces for such a decision. You have to make a vertical swipe over home button for fingerprint scanning. Unfortunately it is not at all promising like Touch ID of iPhone 5S because swipe sensor makes low accuracy. Chances of scanning failures as more just as seen with HTC One Max.

Both Smartphones will demands for you to set up fingerprint identity at first for experiencing secured authentication. For iPhone 5S Apple allows you to store 5 different fingerprints, for Galaxy S5 it is 8.  You can assign different fingerprints for different tasks within Galaxy S5. But for unlocking the phone you can only set for one fingerprint ID.

Within Galaxy S5 you will also see a personal folder and private mode system for keeping the personal datas and applications. The unlocking of this folders also works through fingerprint ID, once you assign at first. You can also verify your Samsung account using the assigned fingerprint ID. It is also possible to use fingerprint ID in Galaxy S5 for making authentication with a number of websites. All these features can never found within iPhone 5S.

Galaxy S5 also show real time display of scanning of your fingerprint. Other than unlocking of phone you can also used Touch ID within iPhone 5S for purchasing applications from iTunes store, instead of entering your Apple ID.  For Galaxy S5 you can’t use fingerprint system for purchasing applications, as it from Google Play.

Image credit : Phandroid