How fast is Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone

One of the main features of sixth generation iPhone highlighted by Apple CEO Tim cook is that it is enabled with LTE network. Here how how fast is Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone with next generation network.How fast is Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution; it is the fourth generation or 4G wireless technology that is going to reshape the existing methods. The key feature of LTE is that it delivers the data from cellular towers to phones faster than others. The popular wireless carriers like Verizon AT&T and T-mobile opted for LTE network.

Apple chooses for LTE because of it offer attractive speed of 20 megabytes per seconds. Data transfer and download speed is get tripled with LTE. It also offers seamless roaming facility as LTE is a global mobile communication that is chosen by world’s popular carriers. Also it is most secured wireless technology till exist today.

Apple used LTE for the first time and iPhone 5 becomes the first Apple phone that is enabled with LTE. As it is available in world’s leading carriers we can’t move from one to another because the network uses different frequencies for different carriers. The only thing user have to concern about is that the data usage in this network as it is a speedy one.