How Facebook will look like on Oculus Rift in future

The acquisition of instagram and whatsapp reflect the futuristic vision of Mark Zuckerberg, have great vision on technology in future. In this week you all seen the acquisition for oculus for $2 billion, innovative virtual reality gadget. So VR version of Facebook is not so far, it’s right here.

How Facebook will look like on Oculus Rift in future

A conceptual video of Facebook on oculus rift by chaotic moon studios becomes right example for 3D web in near by future. This video also point point out the leap motion technology of cous rift.

Upon the starting of video you can see that one users browsing Facebook on iMac. After a few moments he checked for the products advertisements in the sidebar of the site. When he makes the cliks on the ads the site prompted him to wear oculus rift.

After he putting the oculus rift he immersed in virtual Facebook marketplace. He picked up one of bags found in the shop and checked the quality,Using the leap motion, technology that recognize the hand movement of user and associated software responds in that way.

To share the particular products he just points his finger towards screen, the position where share button seen. One of his friend appeared fr video chat after seen his update. then both of them together checked for different color for the bag and purchased the liked one.

it is also rumored that you can hope for a 3D version of Facebook browsing in coming years. In that way using oculus rift can go through Facebook by making head movements, keep waiting for biggest changes in Facebook.