How Dynamic Perspective in Fire Phone differs from Parallax motion of iOS 7

When Jeff Bezos announced 3D like dynamic perspective within fire phone, first ever Smartphone from Amazon, it is clearly remind parallax motion of iOS 7. But method of working of these two features is completely different.

dynamic prespective

Parallax motion in iOS 7 brings movement of icons and background image as devices move. In that way that particular iDevice bring quasi-3D effect for the user. Tiny sensor installed within Apple devices called MEMS gyroscope vibrate at smaller rate when it is subjected to electrical charge.

When the user rotate the device in any direction then this small device tend pt resist the change in orientation in that way it understand in which direction the device moves. Working of accelerometers and gyroscope along with this technology let the device to understand exact position of device at a time. In that way device makes parallax motion possible.

iOS 7
Home screen of iOS 7 OS – Bring parallax motion with movement of the device

In Amazon’s fire smartphone the 3d effect called, dynamic prespective becomes possible via tracking of your facial movements by the phone, then the phone altering the image within the screen to bring the illusion. It let you to across through webpages without having touching in the screen.

Jeff Bezoz also showed how this features becomes helpful in maps at keynote address of fire phone, simple tilt in the map of empire state building show off additional layer of information. Unlike parallax motion of iOS dynamic respective not fully take advantage of accelerometers and gyroscope, simply tracking movement of face always.

For bringing this technology into action Amazon added four additional front facing camera along with normal on, this feature demand more than one camera to in order to known movements in X, Y and Z directions. These four cameras can be located at four corners of the Smartphone. These cameras have wide 120 degree angle view, where normal front facing camera only have 75 degree view.

These cameras works on ultra low power processor, also have built in infra red LED, clear even in low light. Fire phone use sany of two camera out of five to know movement of your face at a given time. The cameras in action depends upon the direction in which user tilt the device. In that way fire phone understand exact view point of user and bring the effect.

Bottom image credit : Apple