How Apple iWatch makes your life more comfortable

It is almost confirmed that iWatch is the next big thing from Apple for 2014. Unlike Sony Smartwatch 2 and Galaxy Gear, upcoming iWatch hints many new features that a Smartwatch can do. Here all about what Apple iWatch can do or how it differs from other Smartwatches.

How Apple iWatch makes your life more comfortable

The official release of Apple iWatch can expect only for month of September, along with next iPhone. In other words Apple will release both of these devices as a pair, work together to give more promising features.

The first and foremost thing everyone want to know about iWatch is design, as it is from Apple. It will have a curved much flexible design, just like Nike+ Fuelband. In fact iWatch becomes so flexible because of willow glass which is used to develop. It will have 1.5 inch touch screen which is water and shockproof in nature.

Apple iWatch will have a vertical UI for tracking datas in easier way. It can be connect with new generation iPhone, iPad and iPod series. Like other Smartwatches it traces, calls, messages, mails and other important notifications.

When Apple introduced iPhone 5S one of new elements that you found within it is M7 co processor. It is a low power management processor that collect data from various sensors including GPS and accelerometers. ¬†With iWatch you are going to explore the usage of M7 processor at it’s best.

Built in health application is one major feature that makes iWatch as an ideal Smartwatch. Apple iWatch will track your health condition and will gives right notifications at right time. It will trace all the steps you taken and checks different health conditions and gives notifications when it meets with critical condition, reported by San Francisco chronicle.

It also becomes very helpful in fitness training just like that of Nike+ Fuelband. Siri itself becomes the backbone of iWatch. You can make commands to iWatch to controlling various tasks using Siri. Apple iWatch will also boast with some needed application and promising battery.

Image Credit : Fuse Chicken