Go Player Honinbo Shusaku’s 185th Birthday Google Doodle

Friday’s Google Doodle on various countries marked 185th birthday of famous Japanese Go Game Player, known Go Saint, Honinbo Shusaku. It’s on 6 June 1829, Shusaku born in Japan.


Honinbo Shusaku Google Doodle
Honinbo Shusaku Google Doodle(June 6, 2014)

Google Doodle featured Go game board with Google logo wrote using black white stones used in Go game. Image of Go Saint Honinbo Shusaku is placed replacing  alphabet ‘g’ in logo. By clicking on the doodle for Honinbo Shusaku , you will be directed to the search page of Google for phrase ‘Honinbo Shusaku’.

This 19 century Go player is also known in the name ‘invincible’. He was claimed as the most strongest Go player ever seen in history. There were also criticisms in praising  Honinbo as the best player.

At the age of 8 itself, Honinbo Shusaku showed the skills acquired by the most professional Go players of the time. He joint to Honinbo school, the best known Go game institute of the time and got first dan (shodan) in 1840. Shushaku have many achievements in Go game. Honinbo Shusaku died at the age of 33 in Japan due to Cholera in the year 1863 August 10th.

Go Game

Go Game, the most  popular board game played in almost all Asian countries have its origin in China. Simple rules and powerful movements made this encircling game popular.

Go game is basically a two member played game using a board lined with black lines. Black and white pieces if round blocks, known as stones are used in the game.

Go Board with stones(Image Credit:flickr.com)
Go Board with stones(Image Credit:flickr.com)

The basic strategy in the game is to capture more area in board than the opponent by placing stones on the board. It is estimated that this game was originated 2500 years back. Today, Go Game is widely popular all over.

According to the reports, about 40 million Go players among our world population play this game. Oh yes, this value shows the amount of fans for the game. There are many rating and ranking methods for the game. Notable point about game is, out of this 40 million players  majority  lives in Asia.

Now, when technology and science developed, the level of Go game also increased. Today many software’s are  available for laying this game in your laptops and smartphones. Go have also compared to games like Chess and Backgammon though there are variation in method and style of playing.

Out of this millions of Go players, Honinbo Shusaku have  made some extra contributions in making the game popular. This legendary player is honored with this doodle by search giant Google.