Hisashige Tanaka doodle on Google Japan with Karakuri dolls

Hisashige Tanaka also known by the name Thomas Edison of Japan is an Engineer and inventor. Tanaka was one among the founders of Toshiba Corporation.

Hisashige Tanaka doodle on Google Japan
Hisashige Tanaka’s 213th Birthday (October 16, 2012)


Hisashige Tanaka’s 213th Birthday Doodle by Google
Tanaka Hisashige
(Image Credit: Tofugu.com)

On Hisashige Tanaka 213th birthday Google published this doodle on respect of him. He was famous for engineering the karakuri dolls. They are special kinds of dolls which are made to do small sorts of works.

Hisashige Tanaka doodle is an animated one, we can see a karakuri doll in it. We can see the doll taking of painting brush and designing the letter of Google logo. The motor movement under then dolls makes the viewer think about the skills behind this kind of inventions and inspires everyone. The animation included in the Google doodle is simple but it added the beauty of doodle. The karakuri doll in the doodle exactly resembles the inventions of Hisashige.

Hisashige Tanaka was born on 16th October 1799.He stated his engineering career from the young age itself. He was the one who made the Japans first domestically made steam locomotive and steam warship. Tanaka had no previous experience in this works but it was his knowledge acquired from reading books helped him to make it a reality.

Tanaka has also been part of many other researches and inventions. From teenage itself he designed karikuri dolls which did small works like shooting bow and arrow, filling the tea cup and so on. These dolls had a great demand in Kyoto.

Myriad year clock was built by him in the year of 1851. Now it is regarded as one of the important cultural property by Japanese government. He was also involved in the production of Armstrong guns and many other modern weapons.  It was his company Tanaka engineering works became the first company to manufacture telegraph equipment in Japan.

Tanaka was died on 7th November 1881.Though he is no more his contributions in the field of technology make us remember him forever.