How to Hide and Unhide posts on Facebook timeline

Your Facebook timeline is filled with posts from yourself and tagged posts from your friends. Not all those posts meet with your interests. So hiding or deleting of such posts becomes better choice for you.

Hide posts on Facebook timeline

  • Login with your Facebook account.
  • Goto timeline.hidden from timeline
  • Click on the drop down menu next the post you want to hide.
  • Click on ‘hide from timeline’.

You can also hide posts from timeline through activity log.

  • Goto timeline.
  • Click on activity log from top right of timeline.
  • Select ‘your posts’ from left hand side.Activity log
  • Click on timeline visibility next to posts you want to hide.
  • Select ‘hidden from timeline’.
  • Can also hide any of your activities from the list.

In that way your timeline only include things you want to show to the public. But keep in mind that the hidden posts may still visible to others in case of resharing from other places of Facebook.

At same time you can delete any of your posts permanently from your timeline.

Delete a post from Facebook timeline

  • Goto your Facebook timeline.
  • Click on drop down menu next to post you want to delete.delete post
  • Then hit on delete option.

Unhide a post that previously hidden from timeline

  • Goto your Facebook timeline.
  • Click on activity log.
  • Select ‘options you have hidden’ from the left hand side.Hidden posts
  • Will see list of posts and activities you have hidden.
  • Click on barred icon next to the desired postunhide posts
  • Select ‘allowed on timeline’.
  • Can also make visible other hidden activities.