Google’s tribute to Hermann Rorschach with inkblot test doodle

Hermann Rorschach’s 129th birthday was celebrated by Google with interactive doodle. Hermann was famous for his inkblot test, used to analyse human characterstics .

Hermann Rorschach inkblot test doodle
Hermann Rorschach inkblot test doodle on 129th Birthday (November 8, 2013)

In the Google doodle for Hermann Rorschach we can his image in the place of Google alphabet ‘G’. Hermann’s image is included in the doodle as if he is writing down notes on the character analysis using inkblot test.

Hermann Rorschach inkblot test doodle also gives option to change the ink patters by clicking on side arrows  and share users views points in Google+,Facebook and twitter. Hermann Rorschach was nicknamed as Kleck, which means inkblot in school days itself due to his love for painting.

Hermann Rorschach was born on November 8th, 1884. His Inkblot that that is depicted in the Google doodle is regarded as the best physiological test used in mental patients to analyse personality in national survey in US. Many of the Psychiatrist were inspired by his method of treatment and used inkblot test widely.

In Rorschach’s book Phycodiagonostik, published in 1921, all of his findings and assumptions on inkblot test is included. This doodle that we can see on Google homepage makes world remember about Rorschach and his findings on inkblot test and human characteristics. Rorschach died on 1 April 1922 at the age of 37.