Henry Lawson Birthday Google Doodle on 146th birth anniversary

In Google Australia ,a doodle was published on the Birthday of Henry Lawson, the famous poet and writer. Henry Lawson was born in June 17th, 1867 at Australia.Henry Lawson Birthday Google Doodle included the picture which points to his famous poem “Andy’s Gone with cattle”.

Henry Lawson Birthday Google Doodle
Henry Lawson Birthday Google Doodle (June 17, 2013)

Henry’s Google doodle included greenery, horse and cattle’s in it. Presentation of doodle in the Google home page clearly points to the specialty of the day. Google always honors great personalities on their birthdays. This doodle in Australia is also for honoring such a person who wrote simple and beautiful poems and short stories for children.

It was in the year 1887, Henry published his 1st poem “A Song of the Republic”. From then a number of short stories and poems got birth from the heart of this great man. Out of his works it was ‘A Drovers wife’ and ‘Andy’s Gone with Cattle’ made him famous. Now also children love his poem and stories and read it with great interest.

In the Henry Lawson Birthday Google Doodle we can see that logo letters are written with blue color and we can also see many images in it which makes us remember Henry Lawson’s poem. The tree, bush, horse and cattle’s in the doodle add beauty for the doodle. It is his 146th Birthday doodle.

Henry Lawson was given many honors and awards during his life time. He was featured in Australian postal stamp and note. Above all honors this doodle by the search giant Google is a great honor for him on his birthday. It is the simplicity in his works which makes him loved by people in this 21st century also.