Helena Zmatlíková’s 90th Birthday Google Doodle

November 19, 2013 Google marked birthday of illustrator Helena Zmatlíková.It’s the 90th birthday of this Czech author marked with this colorful doodle on homepage.


Helena Zmatlíková's 90th Birthday Google Doodle
Helena Zmatlíková’s 90th Birthday Google Doodle(November 19, 2013)

Google Doodle,included with many of her characters for kids announced the specialty of day to the country. Each logo alphabet of the company is wrote in new style surrounded by toys. Helena’s interest in children’s book is showcased as the theme for doodle.

Helena Zmatlíková is born on 19 November, 1923. It’s in Prague she was born and spent much time of life there working for books and magazines. Helena Zmatlíková is known face for every Kid of Czech Republic. She illustrated more and 200 books. Her works were included in books of many languages, approximately in 20 language books she worked.

By clicking on the doodle for Helena,  Helena Zmatlíková search page with all notable links relating here life and history comes in result. Helena have worked with most of the children’s book authors of her time. Her illustration had great value among children and the bright colors and simple design attracts even elders too.

Helena died on 4th April, 2005 at the age of 82. Today also her books and illustrations are given great values, especially among kids. Google Doodle also honors her on 90th Birthday.