Hashtags in FB news feed gets activated officially

Hashtag is one of the most innovative tools within Twitter. The tool which brings together the contents that indexed with same keyword category. We encountered the same feature within other services like Instagram, Tumblr and pinterest. Today Hashtags in FB news feed gets activated officially.

Hashtags in FB news feed Today the meaning of communication just turns to one name called Facebook. People share all matters belonging to them via this social networking giant to inform others. Time to time this content becomes very huge in size and we can’t find one particular post easily. Hashing is something that brings together the content with same meaning. It can be accessed right from your news feed from today onwards.

Hashtags in FB news feed

Once you click on any hashtag within Facebook  you will be redirected to large discussion that say about that particular topic. So that you can easily find out what others have say about that particular topic. You can also get clear information about what most people believe about that particular topic.

  • The hashtags within Facebook turns the posts into different links so that others can easily find out the post you have shared on various subject.
  • You can make the hashtag in Facebook by simply adding the “#” symbol along within your post.
  • You can search for a particular topic within FB using hashtag so that you can find out a large discussion coming under that particular topic.
  • Through hashtag you can easily find out what other have say about a topic that you have interested in.
  • Also can switch on to other services like instagram through the hashtag.
  • Hashtags helps you and your friends to find the different posts that are shared within Facebook.

Facebook reported that hashtag is their first step that helps the users to find out what others are saying about a particular topic, which helps to get content from a large discussion. They will introduce more features in short time that will turns to be perfect tools to search out what the whole world discuss about.