Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013 with Google logo inscribed in Moon

Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013 published on Google China on September 19th. It’s Mid autumn festival. Moon Festival or mid autumn festival fall on 15th day of 8th Lunar month.

Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013
Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013 (September 19, 2013)

In Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013 Google imaged a beautiful night with stars and big full moon over a flowing river on mountain side. We can also see the image of a boy and girl enjoying the beauty of big full moon. Google logo is wrote inside the image of full moon in Harvest Moon Festival Google Doodle white letters.

Chinese full moon or Moon festival day, the biggest and brightest full moon appear . It’s the best festival after spring festival. Festival has got great influence in Asian culture and tradition. Lanterns, dragon dance, delicious moon cake are common on this day.

Many Harvest Festival stories and Moon festival legends are common in places were the festival is celebrated. People over there celebrates the day in their own style. Match making and enjoying the full moon, celebrating with friends and family is the best part of celebration.

Google’s  Moon Festivals Doodles

Google have come up with Moon Festival doodles  in previous since Moon Festival 2005. Every year, Google includes new festive ingredients for celebration doodles. Moon, moon cake, clouds, rabbits, lovers and lanterns are common in doodles for Moon festival. Harvest Moon Festival Doodle 2013 also includes these same themes which go in hand with all other Google doodles.

Moon Festival 2013 Special Programs

In many places over Asia, people celebrate it as Moon cake day. Moon cake making competitions are organized in many places. Day before itself all transportation facilities are booked by people to come and join with family for celebration. Main celebration for this day takes place in China, Japan and their neighboring countries.

In this year, most of the shopping malls are filled with moon cakes of different shapes, cost and sizes. Dragon dance lion dance and lantern making competitions have already started day before. Beginning from 19th, the festival lasts till 21st.