Discover magical world of Harry potter with Google Maps

All of us love Harry Potter and his adventures stories. Now we get a chance to discover magical word of Harry potter with Google Maps. Today Google put 360 degree panoramic view of Diagon Alley at Warner Bro studio, London.

harry potter with google mapsHarry Potter is the most popular movie series written By J.K Rowling about the boy’s wizards. All the series of Harry Potter stories got global popularity and this character became unique in everyone’s mind. Now the whole fans get a chance to make a virtual tour to magical word of Harry potter with Google Maps.

The amazing world of Harry potter with Google Maps

It is truly an amazing experience that we get from the panoramic view from WB studio, London. It is for the first time Google made such an approach. Google crosses all favorite places of fans in the movie where characters have shown outstanding performance. It is also a chance to discover the effort of studio for the creation of such a stunning set. The set of Harry potter with Google Maps brings you a real life experience of visiting WB studio, London.

WB studio has the record of hosting many successful movies. It is reported that it took more than 3 months to build a right set for a movie. As Harry Potter became completely fictional movie the studio wanted to create a completely different environment. It is not at all easy to visit this place for everyone. That is why Google put panoramic images of this place.panoramic view of Harrypotter's magical world

With Google Maps users can check each and every corners of Harry Potter set. It surely becomes a wonderful feeling as Google provide a chance to make a virtual trip to the magical world. Recently Google updated its mapping service with panoramic images of Battle filed Island Japan. It is the place where James Bond’s Sky fall movie got shoot. As Google makes a chance to discover the places where the people can’t reach easily it helps the people to explore such places easily. It is also thinks to Google will update more such places in coming weeks.