Happy St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle

St. Patrick’s Day is a day dedicated to honor the Christian saint Patrick. Saint Patrick was the man who open the door of Christianity to the people of Ireland. He was a spiritual leader for the Irish people. Saint Patrick died after a long life of inspiration for the Irish people on 17th March of AD 461.

Happy St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle
Happy St. Patrick’s Day(March 17, 2007)

Every year Google comes with special doodles on St. Patrick’s Day. Similarly in 2007 also Google introduced a doodle in its homepage on Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada and United States on 17thMarch. Green is the color associated to St. Patrick’s Day so Google always tried to include greenish shades in its doodle every year.

In this year also Google included the green color Shamrock and its reflection in water in Happy St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle . Shamrock is a green color leaf which is believed to be used by the Patrick to make the Irish people know what holy trinity is. On St. Patrick’s Day decorations are seen all over the countries with green color decorative items and flowers.

Happy St Patrick’s day
St. Patrick’s Parade
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Life time of St. Patrick was believed to be from AD 387 to AD 461.  There are many stories associated with the observance of St. Patrick’s Day. Though main celebration takes place in Ireland in many other countries also we can see small celebration and special customs on this day. As we see in the Google Doodle a greenish touch is seen in the every customs that takes place on the day.

From the year 1776 St. Patrick’s Day parade is seen on the morning part of the day. People wear green dresses to attend this parade.  If any one comes in other colored dresses there is a system of pinching them. In the initial period there was only a one day celebration for St. Patrick’s Day but when years passed the celebration became wider and now we have here to four day celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day. It was from the year 1996 the popularity and celebrations reached at the peak range.

St. Patrick was a role model for many people who listened him and his speeches. Saint Patrick was born in Britain and was kidnapped and bought to Ireland. It was at the age of sixteen he was kidnapped. From then for few years he worked in Ireland as a slave. After years he became a priest and went back to Britain to his homeland. Before leaving Ireland he teaches Irish people facts of Christianity. His speeches gave a new knowledge to the people over there and new spirit for starting a new life which is positive.

Now in Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best among the holidays with large participation all around the country. As it is a national holiday people observe the day’s customs with family and friends. St. Patrick’s Parade is one of the largest parade that takes place in the country. It’s this wide popularity that makes St. Patrick’s Day special and something to be celebrated. Apart from the celebrations it’s the day to go through the ideologies and thinking’s of St. Patrick and pray to him to live a better life. Google also wished a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the people through this doodle.