Happy New Year 2006 doodle in celebration and fun

The thought about upcoming year always fills our mind with joy, new expectations and hope. We exchange wishes of New Year with friends and family. Every year Google also participate in New Year Celebration by releasing a special doodle on that day. A Happy New Year 2006 doodle was released by Google on January 1.

Happy New Year 2006 doodle
Happy New Year 2006 (January 1, 2006)

Happy New Year 2006 doodle reflected the fun and  celebration of the day. New Google doodle showed the rising of sun from the mountain range. It points that New Year is the new beginning that should be started with joy. The uprising of sun is indicating the fact in the Happy New Year 2006 doodle.

According to Gregorian calendar, which is followed globally as a standard, January 1 is considered as beginning of new calendar year. Different regions have different calendars and the beginning of New Year will be different according to that.

Snow, mountain, greenery, wood, river every thing  in New Year doodle points to positive beginning.Some countries follow some regional calendars and they have celebration on different dates although they officially follow Gregorian calendar. January 1 is considered as national holiday in some countries like United Kingdom Italy and Czech Republic.

Most part of the world New Year is during winter season and the celebration will start from earlier which is also pictured in doodle New Year 2006. The streets and shops will be filled with decorations.The peak celebration will be at midnight of December 31.The main attractions of New Year night is gathering of people, dance and light fireworks.

New Year is celebrated with formal parties and family gatherings in United States. Commonly fireworks and formal parties are main attraction of New Year day in most of the countries. It is the occasion to say good bye to the past year and make the next year better.