Happy New Year 2005 Google Doodle

New Year is day to start a new life. On 2005 New Year Google introduced a new doodle and gifted it to world by publishing in its homepage on that day. New Year is celebrated with worldwide programs and parties. It’s a very special day of the year.

Happy New Year 2005 Google Doodle
Happy New Year 2005!-(January 1, 2005)

Google doodle on the New Year day was something special. It included the year in a shadow mode. Happy New Year 2005 Google Doodle  is seen on the home page as usual and the year is written like the shadow of Google. Two zeroes of 2005 and Google letter o’s are written as the reflection of each other.

January 1st is celebrated as New Year as it’s the 1st day in the year according to the Georgian calendar. In the Georgian calendar the year count will get incremented on this day. A person all over world eagerly waits for this moment to come to spread the New Year wishes to their families and loved ones. It’s the most colorful day of the year.

Happy New Year 2005
Happy New Year
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New Year day is celebrated with parties, picnics, musical concerts and group gatherings.Most of the people arrange tours and picnics with their families and friends in this season. Christmas and New Year season is the happy holiday season of the year.

New Year celebrations begin from the 31st of December itself. It’s a special feeling to see the fireworks on the sky on New Year eve. Usually fireworks on New Year are just like stars falling in to earth to take part in the celebrations.

Beach restaurants and hotels will be filled with crowd on this day. It’s quite common to see special television programs on every channel on this day. Celebration all around the world will be large and mind blowing. It’s a day when people will forget about the stress and strain of the busy life and celebrate smashingly.

All main cities will be flood with large groups. In India the main celebrations takes place in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Everyone will be awaked on that day night to welcome the New Year. When the New Year bell rings people will wish the near and dear ones to hve a great year ahead. It’s the best day of the year.