Happy New Year 2003 Google Doodle

Happy New Year, it’s the only wish that murmur through every lip on this special day. Yes, it’s the New Year day. On this special day Google wished the world the happiness and joy of this day in a different way. It was with this beautiful doodle on its home page Google wake up on this day.

Happy New Year 2003 Google Doodle
Happy New Year 2003(January 1, 2003)

Google Doodle was designed in a unique way to welcome the year 2003. There were many ingredients in the doodle to make it colorful .The entire doodle is designed in a way such that it reflect the fun and celebration of this day in its best. Doodle included the picture of a violet owl and a sweet rabbit with along with the colorful fireworks on the upper portion of the doodle. Owl in its beak holds a board where the starting number ‘2’ of the New Year 2003 is written.

The placement of the board is before the Google letter o’s. Rabbit in the Happy New Year 2003 Google Doodle is in its final work of hammering the number ‘3’ in a signboard. Owl and the rabbit are given a comic look in the doodle. It increased the colorfulness of the doodle. The thought of placing numbers 2 and 3 aside of Google letter o’s was very imaginative. All together doodle was given a sweet and cute look to wish the world a happy and bright year.

New Year means a new beginning .According to the Georgian calendar New Year day is on January 1st every Year. It’s the time when a new calendar year begins and the year count is incremented.

The beginning of this year was also very colorful all around the world. As usual people celebrated the day by merry making and fun. People gather in groups to give a warm goodbye to 2002 and bright beginning for 2003. Google wished the world in its style a very Happy New Year by the release of this doodle.

New Year Fireworks
New Year Fireworks
[ Image Credit :webend.in]
New Year day is celebrated by people accordingly to their culture, custom and tradition. Most of the people celebrate the day with dance, music, prayer and fun. There is a custom of burning a large Santa statue to mark the end of the year. It’s the time to think and start a new beginning. People make many New Year resolutions to throw out the bad in them to make their year good and prosperous.

Family get-togethers, parties, picnics are organized to make the day bright. There will be eye catching fireworks all over when the New Year blossoms. Main celebrations in India are in Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore. All parks and restaurants will overflow with people in that season. As it’s the holiday season everywhere we can see the crowd and celebrations.

New Year not only ends with fun and enjoyment, it’s the best time to become a new human being by leaving the bad and holding the good. Every New Year is blossomed all over with great happiness and joy. In the year 2003 also people welcomed it with great thrill and enthusiasm. Celebrations reached its peak when the New Year bell rang on the clock. Google also took part in the celebrations in its own unique way by this doodle.