Happy New Year 2002 Google Doodle

On the very special opening day of New Year 2002 Google released this doodle Happy New Year 2002! On January 1 as to good bye to 2002 and welcome 2003. Welcome the New Year with new hopes and wishes and forget the regrets about past year.

Happy New Year 2002 Google Doodle
Happy New Year 2002! (January 1, 2002)

We can see that New Year is celebrated by different cultures and is officially interpreted as beginning of new calendar year or we can say that the Calendar year count is incremented by one. Now we use Gegorian calendar to determine date and year. According to this January 1 is the beginning of new Calendar year. German calendar also follows this. But there are some different regional colanders and date of New Year varies according to that (China and India). Western culture follows Gregorian calendar and January 1 is fixed as New Year. January 1 is considered as National Holiday in many countries like United Kingdom Italy and Czech Republic.

Google released a special doodle as a part of welcoming the New Year. The 2 o’s in the Google logo is set as 2 zeroes in 2002. Next the rabbit is going to set last 2 of 2002 and the bird is flying to set the first 2 of 2002. In order to feel about this celebrative session there are some confetti which falling on the logo. Happy New Year 2002 Google Doodle was apt for the day.

Fireworks – Main attraction of New Year Celebration
[ Image Credit: fastnewyear.blogspot.com ]
In western countries celebrations for welcoming the New Year starts on the winter holidays. Usually the night before the New Year is considered as the peak time for celebration and is celebrated with parties, alcohols and crackers etc. All nations are now using Georgian calendar and celebrate January 1 as next year.

Overall the whole world turns in to a festive mood. That is expected because always the New Year is the time to welcome the year with a cheerful mind. The main attractions of New Year night is gathering of people, dance and light fireworks. According to the culture and people different nations have different ways to celebrate the next year.

In United States it is celebrated with formal parties and family gatherings. New Year Day is public holiday in United States. In all countries fireworks are the main attraction of New Year celebration. So briefly the arrival of a new year is also a reason for the arrival of joy and happiness and new hope to our life. So open your door of heart to accept the happiness and shut the door of regrets.