Happy Mother’s Day says Google Doodle to UK users

Google presents this doodle on March 30 on homepage of United Kingdom to wish the happiness of Mother Day also known as mothering Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day says Google Doodle to UK users
Happy Mother’s Day says Google Doodle(March 30, 2014)

Google Doodle to wish Happy Mother’s Day 2014 in UK is designed with image of mother and two children(a small boy and a girl) cycling ,wearing helmets and superhero costumes. You can see Google logo in the doodle in top in usual logo color but a portion of alphabet ‘o’ and ‘g’ is covered by Mom’s image in the doodle.

Mothers Day celebrations takes place all around the globe on different days. Most of the countries in middle east celebrates mothers day during the beginning of spring season. In some places it’s celebrated in May. United Kingdom dedicates fourth Sunday of lent to honor loving and caring mother and motherhood.

In UK custom of celebrating Mothering Sunday began in 16th century. On the day people will go to their mother church and take part in the customs and rituals in the church. It’s the time of reunion in some places. Domestic workers are give off from their duty on the day to visit their mother and celebrate.

Google have published doodle for celebration of Middle Eastern countries mother’s day on last week. Today’s doodle is also pretty good as it depicts mother as a friend for her kids. I think, this Mother’s day doodle by Google is simply beautiful and perfect for wishing all mothers.