Happy Holidays from Google 2012

Google came up with its Happy Holiday doodle once again on the Christmas day of 2012. Every year Google will introduce new and variety doodles. In this year they designed their logo with a chain of toys playing musical instruments.

Happy Holidays from Google 2012
Happy Holidays from Google!(December 25, 2012)

Happy Holidays from Google 2012 Doodle is colorful and attractive as usual. It also incorporated logo alphabet in a new and different style. Google Doodle is designed with a range of variety colors. In a single look itself it will catch every ones attention.

Christmas is the most colorful celebration that takes place in the world. Light arrangements, Christmas cribs, Christmas stars, decorations everything makes Christmas best among all other celebrations. From the year 1999 onwards Google introduced a series of doodles for celebrating the Christmas season. Happy Holiday seasons doodle is designed in a different style throughout since 1999.

In the year 1999 Google came up with the doodle including Snowman in it. In the year 2000 Google came up with the doodle included pictures of penguins and snowflakes resembling the cool and pleasant feeling of this holiday season. Next year, that is on 2001 they came up with a series of doodle on this season. It’s from December 20ththe series started. It was a doodle consisting of polar bears with their father busy in decoration light arrangement on Google logo.In the following years also Google came up with this kind of series in doodle for the Happy Holiday seasons celebrations.

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
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 In most of this Happy Holidays doodles Google included pictures of cartoon characters, animals in it. Including this kinds of images in doodle of this season make it apt for spreading the joy and happiness of the season.

In this Happy Holiday from Google 2012 doodle also we can see this similarity in presentation. This doodle clearly conveyed the message of happiness and joy of the Christmas season to the people. Inclusion of different colors made it look beautiful and the unique style of design made it attractive.

Music is the heart of celebrations. Without music celebrations are incomplete. Musical instruments given in the hands of these toys in the doodle symbolically announces it’s the right time to celebrate together. It the main tourist season also. People usually go for outings and picnics in this day to make this a special and best time of the year. In this year also tourist places overflowed with large crowds.

Though joy, fun and merry making are the essence of this season, it also spread the messages of togetherness and sharing. In this doodle also we can see it. Everyone is playing music and celebrating. By gifting this doodle Google wished a bright and colorful day. Doodle simply conveyed the fun and joy of the season.