Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles

Google released a series of doodles as a part of  Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays refers to greetings and celebrations during the winter holidays. The winter season refers to the months November, December and January.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles (Dec 20, 2004)

Happy Holidays is celebrated as a whole session with a group of delightful festivals. The festivals include New Year’s Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah etc. Through this holiday session people express wishes to strangers, family, co-workers, and friends as a part of Christmas, New Year etc.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles
Happy Holidays from Google 2004 -1 (Dec 20, 2004)

The purpose of greetings is to share the joy and happiness of the Holiday session with our near ones. The celebrations are there for many years back and only the way to celebrate it is changed and so the greetings. In 90’s people wish on any special occasion with greetings and gifts. Now greetings are spread through SMS and Internet. Greeting session varies according to religion status and culture of an area. On this festive mood Google also participated in wishing its spectators all around the world with special doodles. As Happy Holidays refers to the winter session celebration the doodle contain the snow fall and 2 polar beers. There will be heavy snow fall in some areas during the winter session and they celebrate it with family gatherings. So here the happiness can be seen in the face of 2 beers after the arrival of winter season.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles (Dec 21, 2004)

Happy Holidays starts with November and ends in February and the main celebrations include are Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Saint Stephen’s Day and Epiphany etc. In western countries Happy Holidays is the most important holiday greetings.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 – 2 (Dec 21, 2004)

The celebrations take its peak mood during the days between Christmas and New Year. The whole world turns to festive mood during these days. The special occasions like Christmas and New Year are celebrated whole over the world. Other celebrations are organized by different countries according to their culture and religion.

Goodle released second doodle of Happy Holidays series on 21st December. In this doodle the beers making snowball and frost. There we can see the preparations to celebrate the holiday with decorations. They making the holiday session beautiful with these decoration accessories.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles(Dec 22, 2004)

In United Kingdom, in United Kingdom, North America and Ireland Greeting like ‘Happy Christmas’ and Merry Christmas’ are used commonly. Due to the western influence, countries like China, India and Japan also celebrate Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 – 3 (Dec 22, 2004)

In United States Happy Holidays are celebrated in public sphere during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year Day. In order to convey or share the joy and happiness of celebration the word ‘Happy’ is added to every wish of any particular festival. The greetings like as ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Christmas’ is popularly known in in North America, Australasia, United Kingdom and Ireland as Christmas Greetings. The phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ is popular in US than ‘Happy Christmas’. ‘Merry’ word means the idea of means jovial, cheerful, jolly and outgoing. Google released the third doodle on 22nd December. The beers are going to decorate the Google logo. The logo is cleaning with water to make it beautiful. We also ready for any celebration with cleaning and shining. The decorations are main part of any festival as it looks colorful and cheerful.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles(Dec 23, 2004)

Always seasonal Greetings are used in winter season greeting cards and wishes. The seasonal Greetings have become the part of winter holidays in late of 19thcentury. New Year celebrations are celebrated in order to welcome the New Year with new hope and say good bye to previous year.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 – 4 (Dec 23, 2004)

The New Year celebrations occur in the mid night session before the 1st day of New Year. Each region has its own style to celebrate New Year and the main attractions of New Year celebrations are gathering of people, dance, parties and light fireworks. According to culture and region the style of celebration differs. In United States the New Year is celebrated with family gatherings and formal parties in United States. There New Year is celebrated as public Holiday. All over the world New Year is celebrated with lights, crackers and with colored costumes. Google released the 4th doodle on 23nd December. This Google doodle also portraits the decoration works for the celebration. In this doodle the beers are colored the ice balls and Google logo. So it is seems to be last stage of preparations.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 Google Doodles(Dec 24, 2004)

Happy Holidays had become important phrase in the holiday greetings. Seasonal Greetings are emerged in late 19th century as to convey the non-religious concept in wishes. More than in spoken phrase it is used in greeting cards and advertisement.

Happy Holidays from Google 2004 – 5 (Dec 24, 2004)

The 5th and last doodle of the Happy Holiday greetings by Google was released on 24th December, the day before Christmas. Here the all decorations and preparations are completed and they are ready to welcome the Christmas. The color of logo is changed and decorated with small lights. There are more animals’ gathered there in order to take part celebration. We the human beings also spend our holiday session with family members and friends.