Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle

Google has released Happy Holidays doodles from the year 2000. The doodle named Happy Holidays refers to greetings and celebrations during winter holidays. The winter season celebrations include New Year’s Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah etc.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle (Dec 23, 2000)

Holiday greetings are one of the ways to express wishes to strangers, family, co-workers, and friends during the Christmas and holiday session. Through the greetings we are supposed to share the joy and happiness of the festival with our near ones. There are several methods or ways to convey the greetings. Modern day celebrations include exchanging of gift, conveying wishes through cards etc. Greeting session differ according to cultural and religious status of any given area.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle
Happy Holidays from Google 2002 – 1 (December 23, 2000)

This holiday session starts from the month of November and ends in January. The other main celebrations are Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Saint Stephen’s Day and Epiphany etc. Happy Holidays have become the most popular greeting among public. The holiday is replaced with the festival which is celebrating (like Happy Christmas). Google released a series of doodles as a part of Happy Holidays. This is the first doodle released as a part of it. This is a very simple doodle. The logo of Google remains unchanged and there is some gift boxes are presented before the logo that is yet to open. The colors of gift boxes resembles with the colors of Google logo in which letters are shown. They include red, blue, yellow and green color boxes, same as in Google logo.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle (Dec 24, 2000)

As mentioned earlier the holiday session is celebrated from late November to January.  Various and festivals are celebrated during this holiday session (winter season festivals). The whole world switches to festive mood during the days from Christmas to New Year celebrations. The cold season is known as an idle session and these celebrations turns the holiday session as an active one. The special occasions like Christmas and New Year are celebrated whole over the world. Other festivals are celebrated according to the culture and tradition of each country.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 – 2 (Dec 24, 2000)

The greetings or wishes like ‘Happy Christmas’ and Merry Christmas’ are used in United Kingdom, North America and Ireland. As a result of western influence countries like China, India and Japan also celebrate Christmas. Now let’s check it out what the 2nd doodle released on December 24 is pictured. Here there is a bear, penguin, Rabbit, Beaver and Bunny. Everyone is happy to see the gifts. The happiness can be read from the expression of each one. December 24th is the day before Christmas. So everybody especially children may be waiting the gifts from Santa clause. This joy of innocence is expressed in this doodle.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle (Dec 25, 2000)

Happy Holidays is celebrated in public sphere in United States during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year Day. We can say that the word ‘Happy’ is added to every wish of any particular festival as to convey or share the joy and happiness of celebration. The Christmas greeting message is popularly known as ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Christmas’. It is used popularly in North America, Australasia, United Kingdom and Ireland. Merry means jovial, cheerful, jolly and outgoing. The phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ is popular in US than ‘Happy Christmas’. The main attractions of Christmas celebrations are Christmas Carol and Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 – 3 (Dec 25, 2000)

In United States the world Happy Holidays covers all the winter season celebrations. The 3rd consecutive doodle for Happy Holidays was released on the very special day, Christmas Day. The doodle was the continuation of previous one. Here all the animals take the gift boxes that were in the previous Google doodle. All have the curiosity in their face without knowing what is about the gift in the box. Still they have the feeling of happiness in their face. The Christmas day will bring out lot of gifts like sweets, cakes etc. All whether its children or elders will be in the excitement of getting gifts.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle (Dec 26, 2000)

Seasonal Greetings are used in winter season greeting cards and wishes. The beginning of seasonal greetings was in the late 19thcentury. A New Year celebration occurs in order to welcome the New Year with new hope and say good bye to previous year. The New Year celebration turns in to its peak at the mid night. . The main attractions of New Year night is gathering of people, dance, parties and light fireworks. Each region has its own style to celebrate New Year. According to the people and cultural aspects celebration may differ. The New Year Day is celebrated with family gatherings and formal parties in United States.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 – 4 (Dec 26, 2000)

New Year is celebrated as public Holiday in United States. Fireworks are the main and common attraction of New Year celebration in all countries. In the fourth doodle released as a part of Happy Holidays, as a continuation of previous doodle all the animals are going to unpack the gift box. The doodle is released on 26th December, the day after Christmas. All are in excitement while opening the packets. Usually the gifts that are obtained on Christmas day will be opened on the day after it. Google succeed in conveying the idea of greeting exchanges through gifts.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 Google Doodle (Dec 27, 2000)

Happy Holidays had become important phrase in the holiday greetings. Season’s greetings are used in order to convey the non-religious concept in wishes. It is commonly used in greeting cards and advertisement than in spoken phrase. So whatever may be the greetings, it spread happiness to receiver from the wisher. So by this 5 consecutive doodles Google wants to convey the message of happiness and joy to whole over the world.

Happy Holidays from Google 2002 – 5 (Dec 27, 2000)

The 5th doodle is released on 27th December. After the opening of gift box each one gets the gift that they most like. Bear gets the honey, rabbit gets ear muffs, penguin gets bow tie and bunny gets the toothbrush. At the end after the celebration we can see the cheerfulness in the face of all. The logo of Google is decorated with lights. So the winter session is celebrated with greetings, gifts and lights.