Happy Holidays from Google 2000 on December

Happy Holidays refers to the festive occasion of December. Google released this Google doodle as to mention all the festivals in the winter season. The doodle named Happy Holidays from Google 2000 is released on December 22, 2000.

Happy Holidays from Google 2000
Happy Holidays from Google 2000(December 22, 2000)

Greeting session differ according to cultural and religious status of any given area. In United States the phrase ‘Happy Holiday’ refers to all greetings during winter holidays from late November through January, such as New Year’s Day, as Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah etc.

On the cool and snowy month of December Google released this simple and attractive doodle. In Happy Holidays from Google 2000 there is two penguins with one penguin wearing scarf makes the feel of the winter season. The logo of Google remains the same and there is little snowfall on the letters of the Google. So Google reminds and spreads the joy of holidays through this simple doodle.

Christmas Tree – main attraction of Christmas
(Image Credit: surfindia.com)

Happy Holidays are celebrated from late November to January by considering the series of festivals and celebrations. The celebration and joy turns to peak mode during the days between Christmas and New Year celebrations.

In United Kingdom, North America and Ireland the  greetings such as ‘Happy Christmas’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ are used to wish near ones. As a result of western influence the non –Christian nations like China, Japan also celebrates Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays is celebrated in public sphere in United States during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year Day. ‘Happy’ is the word used to convey the wishes of any particular special day.

The beginnings of seasonal greetings are from 19th century. Always New Year celebration conveys the message of hope about the new upcoming year and say good bye to previous year. New Year Day is public holiday in United States and is celebrated with formal parties and family gatherings.

“Happy Holidays” has become the most common holiday greeting among the public as a part of any seasonal celebration according to some cultural and religious views among people. To avoid the domination of the word ‘holy’ we may prefer another phrase called ‘season greetings’ so that the wisher may convey non-religious concept.Happy Holidays from Google 2000 doodle assures this concept as it ensures to cover all winter holidays.Through this simple concept they are wishing the whole world ‘Happy Holidays’.